Changhong Triggered Infinite Imagination of Smart Home by Landing Global IoT at CES2020

CES 2020 kicked off in Las Vegas, USA on January 7, local time. In the Central Hall, Changhong, as the name card of China's home appliances and smart home solutions, presented its achievements in the fields of AI, IoT, big data, etc. to the outside world with the theme of "Global IoT for A Better Life", with the focus on the latest products based on AIoT application, such as CHiQ 8K smart TV, laser cinema, thin-wall refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. It integrated the whole home of smart appliances through AI+IoT, realized the interconnection and mutual control of smart devices, and demonstrated the style of a benchmark in the global smart home industry. 

Global Display, See A New and Smart Vision
"Global IoT" is a concept frequently mentioned at present. With the vigorous development of AI, IoT, big data and cloud computing, it has become an irreversible wave of science and technology. From the current point of view, with the spread of commercial 5G and the demand of users for interactive efficiency and effect, a new trend is derived on the basis of "Global IoT", that is, "All things are displayed".

 In this field, Changhong has already taken the lead in the industry. At CES2020, Changhong created a brand-new display technology system based on technologies such as 8K, AI, IoT, etc., and described the development trend of the future display industry in terms of vision, scene, style and content, etc. The Mini LED TV, arc TV and 8K game TV, which were first launched, let TV plug in the wings of science and technology; They not only provided more services and imagination space for consumers, but also were the starting point of "global display" from the perspective of richer scene coverage.

Mini series mainly embodied the technical characteristics of high sound quality and high image quality. Equipped with 8K and Mini LED image quality, combined the super-large size with floor-to-ceiling shape design, Mini series superimposed rational lines and rich levels of geometry to create a flexible sense of space with flexible spatial adaptability.

CHiQ ARC series of arc TV adopted round corner screen technology which was different from other TV products, thus getting rid of the rigid and cold impressions in terms of design dimension of traditional TV products. Its products drew on furniture language and modular concept, and optional and variable supports were designed to adapt to different usage scenarios. They could be more integrated into home because they originated from life. The texture of terrazzo highlighted the exquisite, simple and luxury home popular style and satisfied the aesthetic preference of young users. 

By integrating the universal thinking of Global IoT into the terminal display products, Changhong not only completed the dimension ascending of product concept and capability in its own advantageous fields, but also endowed new values to smart home and better served a beautiful life.
Global IoT, New Experience for Smart Home
The evolution of TV products is the starting point of Changhong's smart home strategy. At present, TV products with increasingly strong capabilities have become the center of Changhong's home IoT platform, while its smart home ecology has more abundant products, applications and services. From this point of view, the purpose of Changhong's "Global display" is actually to better serve the "Global IoT" in home life.
Relying on the successful experience of upgrading TV products, Changhong has been committed to continuously improving the capabilities of each terminal product in recent years, injecting multi-dimensional capabilities of AI and IoT into it to achieve active services and pursue product perfection.

At CES2020, Changhong's products based on AIoT applications included not only CHiQ 8K smart TV, 8K game TV, laser cinema, Mini LED TV, arc TV, etc., but also the latest White Goods such as thin-wall refrigerators and air conditioners covering key scenes in the home. 

Taking various kinds of terminal products as its base and nodes, Changhong integrates the latest AI, IoT and face recognition technologies through technological innovation, and realizes interconnection and mutual control with various intelligent terminals in the home through CHiQ TV voice technology, bringing a brand-new "technology+product+service" experience to the public.

In the CHiQ Life solution, real-time interaction and real-time response among intelligent devices such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, air purifiers, kitchen appliances, water purifiers, curtains, security guards, etc. in the whole space of home can be realized based on AI technologies such as whole-space voice interaction, etc., so that interconnection and mutual control of intelligent appliances of different brands can be realized through the IoT integration of smart appliances in the whole space of home.

At the same time, the platform can not only realize the connection among devices such as CHiQ series TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, security systems, etc., but also interact with third-party devices without hindrance due to its ecological opening characteristics, thus satisfying the personalized experience of users.

Such changes have made Changhong's smart home more inclusive and innovative. With the in-depth application of AI+IoT, on the one hand, Changhong has realized the interconnection and intercommunication of devices through AI empowerment to connect various scenes of home life, and on the other hand, it has connected "people", "device", "e-commerce" services and health management, etc. through IoT, and set up an ecological operation mode of all categories and all scenes so that users can actually perceive a good life.